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December 10, 2007


Angie Wahweotten

I'm happily surprised at your strength, love, openness and honesty, your sharing. As surprised and happy as I am shocked and disappointed by what happened to you at work :(.

I wish good things for you.


It's always hard being in the way of someone's negativity.
Just yesterday I was having a great day at work until lunchtime, when someone decided to sit down next to me and spout their negative attitude towards our employer (my tribe). It almost ruined my afternoon, but as soon as lunch was over I sought out those I know have a good attitude and shared what happened with them.
Good people can help you turn things around, and they helped resuce the day for me.
Just gotta watch out for the negative people, they're always gonna be there. But as Sun Bear (Winona LaDuke's father) used to say, "You can't stop them, but you can get out of their way."

Keep wearin' Larry's shirts as long as it makes you feel warm...

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