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December 03, 2007



Hi Katie
what a lovely picture of you both.I wanted to write you earliere but I couldn't-I have been shocked and missed the word for you.You have lost such a wonderful husband,your sons a great father and I lost a valuable web friend.I learnd from him very much about the vietnam war,his suffering, his tribe all about that I knew nothing.
Once I made for him a german website, and now my queston to you:it is allow to put that lovely picture of you and Larry in that german website?
you can look at it by clicking the link
Sorry for my bad english
all the best for you and you sons


What a beautiful and haunting picture! It seems like he's looking at you and you're looking at him in the photobooth's glass.
Thank you for sharing this!

Ingrid...Knew your website from earlier but did'nt found that link...You've done such an amaizing work!

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