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October 25, 2007


name withheld

it reminds me of the dark tribal council rooms on friday and monday, cuz they dont have to work those days.

name withheld

They are implying by the question is that we should be afraid of our young people. The PBPN Tribal Council are the only ones afraid of their own people.

name withheld

I heard the tribal council is still not going to work. They are stealing our money by not going to work.

name withheld

Yeah, its the same old routine, that's why we need the ethics amendment, its the one that thing that will scare them into going to work.

name withheld

ethics amendment wont solve nothing. there are ways around it. wake up, its not only tribal council not working. many tribal workers dont do anything. go to the tribal office today. its half empty. other employees just riding around until its time to clock out.

name withheld

Yes, the ethics amend would scare the daylights out of TC because then they would surely lose their jobs. If youre against the ethics amend, then you are for waste and protecting the TC. Better register to vote on the amendments or just a few voters are going to decide things for everyone. That's what TC wants.

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