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« According to comments in the tribal paper: The Potawatomi off the rez are Greedy! | Main | Analysis: Courts to decide casinos' fate »

September 03, 2007



As usual Larry, you are correct... PBP have become the laughing stock of the Indian world, thanks to Badger, Mamie and Rencie.

We had a leader, Tracy who brought us business sense, recently honored as 2007 Indian Business Owner of the Year from the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development, but what does Badger, Mamie and Rencie do? Because of their petty jealousy they trick people into signing a recall petition that they advertised as a per cap increase.

If banishment was part of our constitution, we should start with Badger, Mamie and Rencie for all the trouble and damage they have done to our tribe!

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