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September 07, 2007



Good luck to all the candidates. I do pity what they will have to face though.

They will have Tracy, Mamie, Badger, George, etc, etc after them as soon as they start. Nothing they do will be good enough.

Our government is in shambles and will be like that for a long time.

Name Withheld

I heard the tribal council wants all the questions and answers at the Tribal Council Candidate Forum kept a state secret.


Bradley, why do you keep bringing up Tracy?


Okay I won't ever mention her again if it'll make you feel better, but the rest yes.


yeah Bradley what does Tracy have to do it? She was a victim of the jealousy of Badger, Mamie and Rencie and Gerorge.

Of course they want to keep everything a secret... they are so corrupt and we are so blind we don't even speak up against them and really stop their corrupt behavior

Angie Wahweotten

The forum, except for the last 30 min. was recorded. A copy of the recording has been given to the Election Dept.


Angie, how can we get a copy of the recording?

Angie Wahweotten

I would call the 800 number, which is 1-877-715-6789, ask for the Election Dept. and make arrangements with them.

It takes 3 hr(s). to make a copy, to my knowledge, and you may run into a small fee for postage and handling, BUT this is so much better than asking other people who they are voting for or what they think of a candidate. This is a great opportunity to draw your own opinion of the candidates!


That's great, I am going to call the election department for a copy of that recording as well. Will they also publish a transcript of the forum in the newspaper I wonder?


Angie Wahweotten

You can e-mail Mary L. Young at or Suzanne Heck at and ask. The fax no. is 785/966-2867 and the phone is 785/966-2461.

I don't think they could get it transcribed for the papere because of the amount of material. It is about 105 minutes.

To get a copy guaranteed delivery is $16.00 for me to send. $4.60 gets it in the mail and delivered in 3 days, no guarantee.


If they can't publish a transcript, perhaps they can report on the "highlights" of the forum, similar to what press coverage of elections in the U.S. Government consists of.


Name withheld by request

Word coming out of the government office is that mamie and rencie went into Jim Potter's office yesterday and put down $150.00 and asked for an criminal investigation into the time Tracy Stanhoff was chair. They said she did something inappropriate with a advertising firm in d.c. Stay tuned or ask Rey Kitchkumme for details.


Take a close look at all the casino signs...they are all criminal. M-m-m...I'll give you a guess on who designed them. "Moving forward" with the investigation!


Mamie and Rencie are so ignorant, when Tracy resigned or any elected official there is a "closing of their office" and an audit is performed, normal, standard operating procedure. The audit was found to show NOTHING was wrong in her office.

Mamie, you were asked to resign because you were going to be prosecuted so just because someone resigns doesn't mean they are guilty of something like you.

How is it that some Mamie, Rencie and Badger can profit from the tribe and when they are caught they start pointing the finger at others... and why does Badger get to have the tribe pay for his hotel? Where's the outrage about that Mamie and Rencie? Someone truly taking us for a ride.

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