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September 26, 2007


name withheld

Figures, as usual, the TC is no where to be found, should start calling them the No Where TC.

If Tracy was still chair the deal would have been done. We can thank Badger, Mamie and Rencie for another missed opportunity for our tribe.

name withheld

It doesn't matter who answers the questions...the residents of the Shabbona area just don't want any Potawatomi Native business on their home turf!That's why they're fighting to keep a Bingo hall out. We just lost out on $7 Millon. Then going to have to spend even more years and money in court battles.

Name withheld by request

We could lose out on 14 million, right Tracy? And how much more after that on worthless D.C. lawyers? Is that your "legacy" Tracy. Oh, that's right you quit. maybe that's your legacy - a quitter.

name withheld

that is 11 million and counting. the tribal council must have been gotten money off the top in that bad deal. there should be an investigation.

name withheld

I agree. There should be an Federal investigation into the PBPN tribal council's part in this deal. Somebody on that tribal council had to get money off the top.

name withheld

You people are so dumb, everything about the Shabonna deal was a public event, general council meeting, tribal council meetings, read the minutes.

Tracy had nothing to do with it because Ryan and the rest of TC told her to do nothing so blame the TC

Badger should be investigated for running around Illinois undermining all the efforts of the tribal council what did he and Mamie get for it is what you should really be concerned about. They are probably members of the DeKalb County Members Against the Casino.

You people are soooooo stupid when things go bad you blame the wrong person, look in the mirror. TC and the Badger bunch ruined it for you and no one else, investigate that dumb dumbs.

name withheld

someone said if they don't get that land into trust, the tribe will be paying $70,000 a year in property taxes. next year we have to vote out these bums on the tribal council before they make any more bad decisions for us.

name withheld

Yeah people remember they told Tracy to stop working on the Illinois deal, she would have had that up and running for us by now. Like the other comments, get rid of the current TC, I heard they are already planning their escapes!

Tom Loes

As a Shabbona resident, I want people to understand why some of us are opposed to a gambling facility. For me, it's not about the gambling, or about the Tribe. It's about the major change to our small town of just over 900 people. If this was near a larger town or city, it wouldn't make a big impact. But near a small town, and so close, it'll change the town completely. I like racing, but wouldn't want a NASCAR track "next door". I love baseball, but wouldn't want the Cubs to build a new ballpark so close. I enjoy going to Disney World, but wouldn't want them to build a new theme park here. If the Tribe wants to build a cultural center or a museum, that would be fine by me. But a facility open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, that will attract thousands of visitors.... no thanks.

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