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September 01, 2007



Larry, you are completely right. You said it all and very well!

I hope that whoever said that about the PBP who live off the rez are in the minority and don't represent the majortiy of those who live on the rez.


Well, the per cap increase was led by Badger, Mamie, Rencie and they live on the rez... so I guess they are double greedy, they get all the benefits and they will also get the increase.

Don't forget Badger, Mamie and Rencie tricked people into signing the recall petition by saying it was for a per cap increase, people on the rez were so eager to get the per cap increase they didn't take the time to read the petition. Mamie told em that she wouldn't be running for office and now she is and Badger would be too except he couldn't sell enough meatpies. Rey and Ryan, Nabbie and Junior took care of Rencie she got a nice job... so just who is really greedy?

Hey, don't forget some tribes are having trouble being able to pay the per caps because their members voted for more... guess were headed down the same path.


Steve Ortiz when he was on the tribal council never went to work, now he wants back on there because he hears about how half the tribal council doesn't have to go to work anymore. Steve is like Mamie a recycle that we don't need back in there.


Got that right Mike, and when it was time to get the casino ready for the transition he was gone too, on vacation. don't need more of him on the council he will just encourage them to keep up the bad behavior. Heard things are going bad at the casino too.

Angie Wahweotten

I think there is much division in our Nation. On reservation ndns, off reservation ndns, white ndns, black ndns, full bloods, 1/2 breeds, topeka ndns (this came from the health service area not including Shawnee co. residents), city ndns; now we have Casino ndns, contemporary, traditional...

I think everyone has an opinion about the per cap and a majority of us have a vote coming soon! Young families that are poor could use extra money, elders on fixed income, those who like to gamble, those who are tired of seeing waste in our government, those who are concerned about our identity, who we are, where we are going, those who like to make informed decisions, those who are scared that this is the worst time to raise the per cap.

There are programs that help ALL of us, student services, down payment program, housing renovation, community services. I guess if we were to raise per cap we could take care of this ourselves and not look to our programs?

I'm off reservation. The tribe has impacted the raising of my children in positive ways. They have had opportunities they would not have had if it weren't for gaming. I have voted against raising the per cap in the past and will vote no in the referendum, but to each his/her own. We are potawatomi and I hope we come together no matter what our future holds.

The person that called members not living on the reservation greedy, IF THAT WAS THE COMMENT AND INTENT, simply had an opinion.

It would be very cool to see ALL of us put our energy into the best interest of our nation - jmho.

frannie halvorson

for many years our per capita checks have been very small and getting smaller each payment. we are completely out of the loop,not living on the rez. we should be allowed a say so on how govt. monies are spent. it seems that the council has been the greedy people using tribe money for gifts and vacations and not going to work. also i think mamie should retake her picture she looks really old. and if she as old as she looks, be good to yourself lady embrace retirement.


We hear all this crying about cuts in jobs and in services, but what about that one million a month we don't have to pay Harrahs anymore? Where is that money going to be going?


Good question Bill, that money is going into Ryan's finance dept first, spending it on his over blown budget and staff and Ryan's family so they can go on trips in his private airplane
next it goes to the corrupt people who are using their p cards for fun and games
next to pay for TC who don't show up for work
next to the ortiz's to mis-manage in the casino
next to the waste of money that casino board of directors is
next to tc's friends and family to get all the benefits before anyone else does
next to pay back the failed recall petition leaders, Mamie, Badge, Rencie
need we say more?
any other questions?
Frannie, good comments, everyone agrees with you.
Hey how about those cowardly people who in the newspaper sent in their comments but used "name with held" what are they afraid of?


Angie, as the husband of someone running for chair, we can guess that you are speaking for him and will continue to take care of the rez pbp and not the majority, so it will be the same old story with him.
He made lots of money off the painting contracts at the casino and if he gets elected his business should not continue to get those contracts and be part of the abuse of the casino money.

Besides you are my neighbor in Mayetta and really are we that far off the rez? Heck we can walk over there and take advantage of the rez programs, we don't really believe you care about the true off rez indians.


Joe--that was a cheap shot at Tony, and you know it. I'd rather see neshnabek getting tribal contracts than cmok-mon. If Tony is getting "lots of money" from the tribe, more power to him. He and his crew are hard workers. Look at how dark-skinned they are. Think that happens from hiding out in some cubicle?

It's good to see people coming out to speak against Steve Ortiz' candidacy. It's true, he was extremely corrupt, setting up an office in Lawrence using tribal funds to furnish his private office with the latest high-tech gear, while never bothering to show up for tribal council meetings, or even day to day work. He didn't bother to run for re-election last time he was on the council, because he knew sh*t was going to come down on him, and he had better get out before he got kicked out. I just hope that off-rez people know enough about Ortiz to NOT vote for him, because a vote for Ortiz will be a vote for the corrupt ways of the past.

While we're at it, I need to say a few things about a few current council members. Ryan Dyer has to go. He should be impeached and removed from office immediately. His patronage and mismanagement of funds is evidence enough. It is a fact, Ryan Dyer voted to fund an area high school with $20,000 of tribal funds for a pow-wow, even though that high school never requested the funds and had never had a pow-wow ever before! This is our treasurer???

Jim Potter needs to go. He never shows up for work, and has failed to follow up on his campaign promises of an updated website, and more accountability from the Tribal Secretary position. It is no secret that the only reason why he ran for the secretary position is because he was going to lose to Junior last election. Of course, right around election time, he pulls out the old family ties, "I'm Jim Potter, but I'm also a Waubansee and Wahweotten, so vote for me" and that line gets tiresome. According to him I am his cousin, but I never voted for him, never will, and I am amazed at the idiots that do keep re-electing him so he can grift off the tribal payroll while not doing a thing to advance tribal goals forward. It's depressing.

It's time for Jackie Mitchell to call it quits as well. As evidenced by her last contribution to the rez newspaper, she is sooo out of touch with her constituents. It is obvious that she only gets elected to tribal council because of her family ties. Did you know? The last time she won a tribal council election, she placed second actually, with 14 percent of the vote. Can you believe that? Seven out of eight people, statistically speaking, did not vote for her at all, yet she is allegedly one of our "leaders!" What a joke.

I know she's probably your sister or cousin or whatever, and what I say might hurt your feelings. It's the truth, however. She needs to go. One of the good things about Jackie's council membership is that I know that when she does take a stand, like speaking out against the per cap increase, I know that I will automatically be in favor of whatever she opposes!

It's really sad that the winner of the tribal chair position will get less than 20 percent of the popular vote. I just hope it's not Ortiz or Rupnicki, for sure. I have more to day, but better post this, for now.


One more thing--anyone that is truly opposed to the per-cap increase should be willing to be stricken from the per-cap rolls. Since the newspaper came out, I have had an opportunity to talk the 3 people who are quoted as being against the per-cap increase. Not one of them was willing to forfeit their per-cap or donate it to charity. ("I need my per-cap" was a direct quote from Charles Nez.)

The per-cap increase is the ONLY WAY to ensure that all tribal members benefit, and more money is out of the hands of the corrupt treasurer of the tribal council.

George L Wahquahboshkuk


The PBP people seem to be at each others throats now. Wonder why!!! Hmmmm! Think about it! When the white man came here we had good intentions but the white man saw this as a weakness and further exploited it. The plan was to exterminate the Indian race in the beginning and just take the land. We were looked at as savages and therefore not a human being like them so they could go ahead and kill us.

Ok, they didn't kill us off but they put us on reservations to get control of the lands. With a gun at our heads, I might add. Alcohol was introduced to us around that time and we got addicted. So as time went by, troops coming on the reservation and killing us was no longer acceptable.

Educate us so they can pass their laws against us. That worked for awhile until the Indians started taking advantage of it and helping their people, by becoming attorney's and coming to the aid their tribes or getting in the main stream society. They shut down those BIA schools.

Next came the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). I sat and wondered as can this be. Congress and the administration were controlled by republicans. Something was fishy to me here. They never do anything for the Indian tribes unless it helped them more. Then something of this magnitude made me wonder.

First thing, the Indian Gaming was called to Congress about Organized Crime being involved with Indian casinoes...(which the PBP didn't even have yet). They found out it was the people that reported those organized crime figures to the FBI and busted them. Someone commented that the Government wasn't afraid of Orgainzed Crime, they were afraid of Organized Indians.

Next thing is, American's are gambling people, it's in their genes. Since the beginning of civil man. But, the Indian's got a bad name for polluting the american people's morals with this addiction.

The idea is for the american people to get fed up enough with the Indians that they call for their congress representatives to terminate the Indian tribes. Congress can do this anytime they wish...anytime! They control the Indian people.

An Additional benefit to them is that the money being introduced to us in large quanitiies like the casino and the outside influences come in to take that money off the Indians hook or by crook!

No we are at each others throats about this money. Are you proud of yourselves yet?? They gave us the tribal consitution we have. What we made it up ourselves and passed it. Yeah...true enough, but there were stipulations in the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) of things we could put into the constitutions. Made up our own minds...yeah right! We were getting assimilated.

Now look at us...we have assimilated so much that even our politics sounds like the main stream prejudices and mud slinging. Just very mean spirited.

On and off reservation members has always been an issue...since the per capita pay out in the 80's. The gov't set the guidelines to distribute and use the Indian Land claims money.

The tribal council has always had this to use in their politics. Something they wanted to get done that the reservation people might not want they sent out a survey to let the whole membership decide. Then, if it was something the reservation people wanted and they would take it to the General Council. It was part of the tribal council tactics that they used.

We are all members...the reservation is the base of our existence. Now the white man main stream society assimulation has split the members to on and off reservation members. Slowly they are killing us and we are just going along with it.

Please wake up people! Ok we have different opinions and some their own agendas...lets try to find that middle ground and try to keep our people's foundation grounded.

Would having an At-Large Tribal Council Person be the answer. How about making one approach the way to do business...either a mail out vote or a General Council Meeting. I still believe the General Council was gathered as such should be the voice of the people. They are the ones with the inherent rights. The constitution doesn't say off reservation and on reservation member.

One thing for sure is, those that continue to nip and bite at our existence is a danger to us all. Causing us to devide ourselves and be mean talking in a mean spirited way. We are killing ourselves!

George L Wahquahboshkuk


George, you are so hypocritical your comments are like the pot calling the kettle black.
You and Badger, Mamie and Rencie led the recall joke and now when others speak up you call them names.
Everyone has the right to speak their opinion, even if you and
Badger, Mamie and Rencie don't like it...
get over it George,
Angie was so correct on her comments about the TC
The truth is always out there even if you don't like it and we have the right to know what are elected officials are doing.

Angie Wahweotten

Hey Joe

No offense taken and I don't intend to offend.

I don't speak for Tony, he speaks for himself. You didn't see his name signed to my comment and you didn't see an alias, Joe. You don't decide who I am, only I decide that.

I'm not afraid to speak up. I'm for all of us, on rez, off rez, you and myself. We have a lot of work to do, Constitution, health care, Casino, COMMUNICATION, becoming a united community, lots and lots of work.

I agree with George. He's just saying, imo, we don't need to tear each other down, we can do better. Thanks to Larry, we all have the opportunity to talk about some of this stuff, everyone is equal here.

We're lucky to be here. I don't think that was the intent of our conquerors. And our "Protectors", the Federal Government, are the ones that have let our status deteriorate to the point that we are dealing with the State instead of them dealing with the States on our behalf. But, I'm not tired and I'm not beat, yet.

Angie Wahweotten:)


Muckwit, good jog, keep on giving us your input, no matter what crazy george says...

Don't forget Rey and Nabby wasted out money on the Shabne nay powwow

Junior went to a conference that we paid for, and then took a day off to go on a fun trip to Tucson, on our dime.

Rey keeps wasting our money on trips to Chicago for who knows what.... or do we really know ..........


Muckwit, I agree with what all you wrote except for the part that said Jackie Mitchell got into elected office because of family ties. That whole family has at most 50 votes, that is not any different from any other family on the rez. It takes more than 50 votes to get into elected office.

frannie halvorson

we need to increase the per caps
so we as potowatomi people can have the ability outside of the rez to own our own homes. Isn't the reason for per caps is for self-relaince? so why keep the money locked up in the council when they have proved to be fiscally irresponsible with our money? should not the council do their job for us people and not for the paycheck they get? we had a great leader but she's gone so let's try to learn and follow the forward path she set in motion.


Looks like Tracy joined the "Sore-losers club" that she talked about when she was in office. Lets see now, the club is mamie, Badger, George, steve. Did I leave anybody out?

Keep firing them up Tracy on that on-rez, off-rez thing you and Steve thrive on.


Bradley, what does being accountable have to do with being a sore loser? You make no sense...

GEORGE is the off/on rez divider just look at what he writes...

You let mamie, badge, rencie and george drive out our best leader and now you blame her...


George L Wahquahboshkuk

Yeah Joe blow...I'm just one crazy Indian. More than can be said for you I must say.

That's what redneck white people say when an Indian speaks up. You're no better! So when some one speaks as I have against the worst chairperson the Prairie Band Potawatomi has ever had...Tracy Stanhoof, then you lump them into a growing group of people you have created.

People like you are human warts of the tribe. You have no purpose or worth so you don't contribute to the scheme of things...mainly get in the way and agitate people.

This is all a nice little game for JOE BLOW. He gets up in the morning and lives to look on Larry's Blog to see who else he can insult...Or to spread his manure around here about Tracy.

Go peddle your crap somewhere else Joe. Someplace...where they can swallow it, like the outhouse. LOLOLOL

Yours truly,
CRaZy GeOrGe


Will do when you doo!

You have now revealed your true self for all to see.

How ugly you really are!

People should now know what kind of people George, Badger, Mamie and Rencie are from his comments.

Banishment would be a good place for them.

I will never stop speaking out and your ugly words will never stop me! They only prove like I said before, the character of you and your small group.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

Yeah...see how I am. I will continue to speak up against small minded people like you.

See how I am...don't vote for me. What? OH...I'm not running in any political race. Nor am I trying to find sympathy like you are...for the worse chairperson in the tribe's history. Her being ready to deal away the tribes rights to the rest of the total land we legally own, after spending over 8 million on 270 acres of our own land. In exchange for being able to do Bingo on our own land. How stupid is that! Then, just throwing our sovereignty around like it was a casino chip.

All the time you have been on here, your story is the same. You sound like a monotenous squawking chicken trying to get to the big pile of corn feed. Just making noise and trying to distract by pecking on someone...anyone.

Don't you think everyone is pretty much fed up with your rhetoric.

Give it a rest!

George L Wahquahboshkuk


If it wasn't for you and Badger, Mamie and Rencie a SMALL group, our tribe would not be facing the crisis we have today.

Like I said and many have agreed, banishment is a good place for you and your SMALL group.

Everyone knows what you are George, you are famous for your lunacy so no one is paying attention to you.

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