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August 31, 2007



Nice picture and yes it shows that the rumor mill about the newspaper is not true.
Another rumor going around is that the tribal council isn't working as usual and back to their antics of abusing their p cards and taking long lunches.


Yeah Joe, where else can you get sixty thousand a year and never have to show up for work.


Bill, its the only job I know of. We can only hope that the Accountability program passes at the next general council meeting.

Angie Wahweotten

The picture here is more clear than the one in the paper, but if you hadn't posted about being in there, I would have missed it.

You're right, you're in there!

How does it feel to be tortured by photographers? - jk.


I don't know about all the politics going on there but I don't think you two look alike at all.


Heyo Larry;
Looks like things are getting interesting down there... in the spirite of the old Chinese curse:"May you live in interesting times"
Hang tough.

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