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August 15, 2007



Tests won't help any of them if they just don't show up to work. Accountability Progam should go on next tribal member meeting agenda for us to vote on!!!


I agree with Joe, there should be an Accountability Program for the Tribal Council, or they will never go to work!

concern member

I think all tribal council members should have to present to the general council an log of all activities during each month. Most companies have their employees that receive an expense account must keep a log. This way we would know when they where in the office and what meetings they had that took them out of the office. It would also show vacation and sike leave. This should be public information to the General Council. This would ease alot of questions and complaining at the General Council.

Another Concerned PBPN Member

It's very good of you Larry, to dedicate a page for Campaign Statements. With the "tribal paper" only coming out once in a while and being subject to review of the Tribal can be stated here for people to see...uncensored. Thanks again!

The wonders of the internet...being able to hide behind a name and let it go with ones thoughts on this, that and the other thing. Bear in miind that on here anything is possible, just type it and send it. Easier said than done.

The PBPN race for Chairman really shouldn't have too much significance as far as things on the Tribal Council goes. In order for the Chairperson to be an effective leader he or she has to know the people, from a stand point of knowing what it is that the people have to endure to live here.

Also a general feeling of those Tribal Council members in being dedicated to do for the peoples sake, our children's and our children's children. The other members should be supportive of a Chairperson that is all about being fair, conduct a meeting in a diplomatic but professional manner. If the rest of the Tribal Council see this person straying from his constitutional or moral duties they are the ones that should be making those correction there. The Chairperson should set a good example of how the Tribal Council should conduct themselves each and every work day. Keeping track of them at work everyday to insure that they come to work. We shouldn't have to be concerned with those kinds of details. AND...when we do get concerned, it's proof that the Chairperson isn't doing his job.

Even though it would be kind of splitting the tribe's a good thing! I feel that the PBPN should do as most other tribes do, in that the candidates has to be a resident of the reservation to run for Tribal Council. In their codes is stated the required time for a person to be a resident. What the hell are we doing operating the way we do. Even the white man does it the way most tribe are doing it. You can't be a resident of Oklahoma and run for Governnor of the state of Kansas. Better wake up people!!!

The reason the tribe is a tribe is because of the land here on the reservation, the residence member and tribal individual land owners that made it what it is in status. Without that there is no tribe...only in name.

Thank you, whomever you are...for the beginning comment that started this. Very well put together comment. Also, thanks to Larry for the opportunity to put my two cents in.


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