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August 09, 2007



Joe, what do you think we should do now about those tribal council members that are still around doing the dirty work?



I think we should go on with that motion, make them go to work, no more p card, auto log, daily work log... and maybe even a formal investigation into there corruption.
Let's ask Rey, what backroom deal did you make with Badger, Mamie and Rencie? Junior? Nabbie? Ryan? We have the right to know, why do they keep tearing down our government system?


Get over it, Joe/Tracy. You made the decision to leave. Why is it, you choose not to celebrate the success of a tribal member? Rencie has a new job. You should be happy for her. Instead you choose to hate on her success. I am not a fan of Badger and Mamie's group, but I will never be a hater. I want to see all of our tribal members be successful no matter their political affiliation. You should be ashamed of yourself. I sure am.

By the way, it's not "Badger's referendum". General council had a part in that. I don't agree with the percap percentage raising. I just had to say something because the blame game you are playing with Mamie, George, and Badger is just getting ridiculous and old, Joe/Tracy.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

joe, if you have substanstial evidence that could be verified by paperwork or recordings of illegal or wrong doings perpetrated by the Tribal Council then present it, otherwise stop making accusations, assumptions, and innuendoes concerning them. Seems you're the one doing a job on the government system. Then, you putting tribal members down...for what...because they have a good job to provide for their families. Get out of here!

Another thing, the petition is only technically failed because "that woman" resigned...knowing that the petition was going through and she would be on the hot seat anyway plus be voted out in the end. So get off of that one. She's out, thank move on!

The goal of the Tribal Council should be, is to make sure that the people obtain better paying jobs with the tribe, to assure them the income to provide for their families and such. PBP is a's not a corporation, where the corporations could care less. They are only about making more money for themselves and getting more power over people. joe, your thinking is white man thinking. The whiteman main stream, are like the crabs in the bucket, when one tries to get out, the others grab him and pull him back in. Don't try to infect everyone with that kind of thinking.

Tracy can only lay the blame where it belongs...with herself! Actions speak louder than words!

George L Wahquahboshkuk


"jane" whoever you are, don't blame the messenger... I just call it as I see it. Badger did walk around meetings poundin his fist on the tables til people signed his referendum.. saw it with my own eyes.. white people, council is acting exactly like people payin off people for doing their dirty work...and who was responsible for covering up the suicide at the casino...white people behavior for sure, council guily again
why do jane and george keep defending the council, what are you goin get out of it?


Your weak attempt of charging a conspiracy theory is just plain riddiculous. You are sounding foolish and losing any ounce of integrity and support you ever had. What's next? (Lemme guess, council has tapped your phone lines and has an agent following your every move!)

Define "white people" acting for us. LOL!


Don't worry jane, the truth never loses integrity or support.

Rencie ran around this reservation with many lies regarding our former Chair. Do we want liars in the casino. Where is the money going to go, in the liars pocket? Her success was at the expense of others and the TRIBE. They are the haters, I just like to provide you hypocrites with the facts ma'am.

I am not Tracy, Joe is my name. Who really knows who you are. I am still sad that Tracy left. Look what we have to look forward to now.

You are the definition of white people in your actions and your hate.


Angie Wahweotten


I hope to thank the person that posted the pictures of the gathering.

I really enjoyed the pictures of my relatives and friends!

Thank you


Time to grow up, Joe. Like I said before, foolish.

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