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July 27, 2007


Mac McIntyre

Leslie... I do not think it fair that either of us dominate Larry's front page so I will from now on only use the comment form. If Larry thinks it better for us to continue our dialogue on the front, he'll let us know and I will oblige.

I've never met Badger. We have communicated via email. He has always been straight forward with me as I have with him. I don't work for him nor do I work for anyone making money off of the Potawatomi, gaming, land or anything connected to the PBPN or the Shabbona issue.

Why am I involved and/or trying to help? My great grandmother(paternal) was raised on the Sangamon bottoms of the Illinois river near Beardstown. It is a swamp land with many islands that were used by some to escape the forced removal. My grandmother was born on those islands, too until she met my grandfather who was a freshwater commercial fisherman. I seek no membership with any tribe because I am of many bloods and it is not known for certain what tribal family she came from as she was not allowed to speak of it. (first connection)

When I was younger I worked and lived in Kansas as a laborer in construction crews. I came from a broken home and often lived in my tent following the work. Nice folks from Horton and Mayetta treated me with hospitality and taught me how to hand fish and I've never forgotten that. (2nd connection)

My mother worked for several years for Alberta Day who was then chairwoman of the Wis. Dells Hochunk nation. This was when bingo halls were first approved in Wisconsion for native Americans and there were often troubling times. My mom worked hard and she was often criticized because she was not Hochunk. I often thought she was taken for granted. But when she died several years after she left her employment with the Hochunk, and after Alberta had died, several Hochunk members drove some distance to attend her funeral and many showed for her burial in Wis. Dells. (3rd connection)

And so when I learned of Shobney and Pkuknoquah's story, the treachery of the Gates Bros, the breaking of promises and the Trail of Death, I decided to do what I could to help. So I tried to help Jim Dowd when he was researching for Bob Sheets and Mary West. I heard promises made to him that I didn't think would be kept and they weren't. Jim's dead now. So, I've decided to try to be a friend and help see things through. 160 years is long enough. And so I got involved. And I will not quit because friends don't do that to friends, at least not in my book.

I have met Tracy. She was always straight forward with me, too. And I with her. I don't have an axe to grind. Do you?


I don't have an axe to grind but I will protect our people from the Badgers and Mamies of the world.
What help do you think you can offer the tribe anyway? You keep saying you want to help, what do you mean by that?


I agree with the Leslie and Larry, there should be motion to make the tribal council go to work.
I don't know what interests mac has in the tribe but hope that Leslie will continue to stop people, like badger and mamie who want to hurt us, as I remember they already had their time to serve and they did us wrong.

Mac McIntyre

Leslie... what help I've done so far is a lot of research into the historical and legal aspects of the Shobney story as it relates to the 1,280 acres in Shabbona. There is a report, rather a series, on my website if you'd like to read it, that somewhat summarizes my research. I've represented what I believe to be the truth in the matter: that the Potawatomi claim is valid and history documents that; and that U.S. laws clearly confirm that only a legislative act of the U.S. Congress can transfer ownership or sovereignty to treatied reservation land, which Shabbona is. Such action was never taken by Congress therefore the land was illegally taken, remains trust land and sovereignty of it legally remains to your people. I believe Tracy erred, from a legal stand point, with all best intentions, when she told the media that the PBPN would surrender sovereignty to the balance of the land not included in the 128-acre purchase because, again, only an act of Congress can do that.

I've communicated the above personally to U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert, State Rep. Bob Pritchard, State Sen. Brad Burzynski, members of the county board, and village and township of Shabbona officials.

I've demanded openness and sunlight on the Liberty Alliance relationship because the full truth helps all concerned. When necessary I've utilized the Freedom of Information Act to secure public information needed for sunlight.

I say this only because "my interests" are questioned: No one has paid me anything for what I've done. I haven't even paid me because I own the company I work for.

My purpose for this current dialogue is to try to promote unity in what appears to be obvious division at a critical time. Divide and conquer is an empirically proven method and there are at least signs that indicate that is one of the reasons 160-plus years have passed. If I could get that done then I'd thing I helped.

I have suggested, to Larry and others, that a peer study be done to build consensus in light of the many challenges faced. I suggest the necessary interviews be videotaped for archive purposes. I've offered to help set it up and if necessary and possible to conduct it.

Leslie and Joe, we are in full agreement that $60,000, make that any and every dollar, should be earned. We disagree that all should be penalized for the actions of others.

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