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July 22, 2007



Joyce, I don't know all the details of your dis-enrollment but you highlighted the biggest problems in our tribal government...sleazy people like Rey who are hiding from us, I guess that's why he's never at work and Nabbie, Junior, and Ryan who don't care about helping the people they were elected to serve. I wish they would all resign and get some people in their who really care about serving the people. They make way too much money for the work they don't do for us.


Regardless of the tribal council actions, Joyce, your grandson was enrolled under false pretenses. He never should have been enrolled! Admit there is wrong doing. You are trying to skate around the issue by passing blame and trying to distract from the true situation.


Jane is right. Unfortunately we have corruption in our government that allowed your grandson to be enrolled, who knows how many more false enrollments we have. Just another reason for investigating these corrupt officials.


Nice try, Joe, but it wasn't this council or enrollment officer who signed off on the enrollment of Joyce's grandson. So... If anyone is corrupt, it wasn't this council or this enrollment officer. Anyways, lets fix it and move on. That was the past. Let's move forward. People make mistakes. Dwelling on those past mistakes will get us nowhere. Again... Fix it and move on.

Aren't you tired of the blame game yet, Joe? That gets us nowhere. You sound like another one of the bitter ex-council members. Hmmmm?

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