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July 26, 2007


Rez Indian

May I remind you that Ms. Stanhoff also abandoned her commitment to her "people" when she CHOSE to resign in the face of fear.

I appreciate that you are choosing to voice your concerns about the tribe but I urge you to think twice about ranting some of your concerns before stepping back to realize that the woman you were advocating for was in the same boat as the other council members (she made some of the same choices as they did), and as they would NOT follow her in her path of dictatorship she CHOSE to resign. This may come as a surprise to you would only know this information IF YOU LIVED HERE.


Rez Indian, nice try pulling the LIVED HERE card, but sorry doesn't work anymore. The more you try to divide us based on where we live the more ignorant you look. That battle, I'm more indian than you, has long ago been fought and won by our elders who realized that this kind of talk only serves to divide us and of course this is what the white society wants to happen. During my visit, during all my conversations with the people not one person ever played the "you don't live here" card. And next time I am there please ask me about this and we can have a nice discussion about it.
Tracy did not abandon us, Rey, Ryan, Nabbie and Junior forced her to leave by undermining her ability to serve us. They got offended when she called them on their corrupt use of their perks and for never showing up for work. She never abused her p-card or other perks, as Badger and Mamie claim and that was proven in an audit that is available for viewing in the government center.
And that you would know if you actually PAID ATTENTION, to what going on in our government and not listened to Badger and Mamie's LIES. Think for yourself!


Corrupt perks?! Ha. I seen first hand, Tracy eating her lunches on the Tribe's dollar. Tracy could have done something about the misuse of the p-cards but she didn't! I seen Tracy order her assistant to buy the food and snacks that she wanted to have put in the tribal council chambers.

Tracy did choose to leave. She could have chosen to stay and fight the fight. But she didn't.

Keep trying to rally the troops, Leslie. You may get one over on the people who don't live here, but those of us that do live here know the truth about Tracy. And no, I am not a supporter of Badger and Mamie.


Well, I least she was at work, doing tribal business, I don't think anyone would begrudge feeding our leadership when they are trying to do their jobs. And how would you know who paid for the food any way?
I will keep rallying the troops and guess what Jane, the people on and off the reservation believe that change is necessary, why don't you?

Rez Indian

My "ignorance" has nothing to do with the FACT that people have witnessed her abuse of power, as stated above. (Place your denial here....)

I think it would serve you well to take heed of your own advice. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Where is it exactly that you are reeling this information in from? (I have one guess.) I would encourage you to come to the reservation and witness for yourself some of the "changes" Tracy has brought to our tribal government and supported during her tenure. I'm sure information gathered during your stay would be very surprising. She has brought much controversy to our tribe. Although it's understandable how willing you are to stand behind her. Who wouldn't defend their sister to the end?

And however kind it is of you to assume that I am a supporter of Badger and Mamie's operation, YOU ARE WRONG. But, I wouldn't be the first reader on this blog to admit that this on-going and at times ridiculous grudge you have against Badger and Mamie is getting old.

Your concerns for the tribe are valid, but you should get your facts straight before throwing accusations at people. I'm sure other council members would beg to differ about running Ms. Stanhoff out of office. She made her choice and as much as she doesn't want to live with it, it's done. Let's move forward!


Begrudge feeding our leadership? Give me a break. There are other ways we should be spending our money than feeding the faces of Tribal Council or their administrative assistants. If I can pay for my own lunch and dinner then they sure as heck should be paying for their own. That goes for the current council as well as your sister when she was in council. Anything other than that should be considered misuse of tribal funds. You asked how I know who was paying for Tracy’s meals. I have seen it first hand. I seen the p-card being ran through the POS machine with my own eyes. That’s how I know! I was in the right place at the right time. Don’t even try and deny that.

You and I both spoke earlier of “being from here”. In my own opinion, “being from here” speaks more to the values that you hold, rather than the location you are from or where you were raised. You and your sister were raised different than us. That is apparent in the self-idolization that Tracy displayed during her stint as our Tribal Council Chairperson. “Tribal Chairperson Parking Only”, the request for Tribal Chairperson seating to be roped off during the pow wow so that nobody else could sit in her section, how embarrassing!! I even heard her friend call her the “Tribal Chief”. That is the difference between us. That is not your sister’s fault though. She didn’t know any better when she first came here, but she didn’t try to learn either, even when we tried to teach her.

I am just glad that, that type of blatant self-idolization will be gone from here, at least for a while.

Like I said before, let’s move on. I won’t hold any grudges against anyone over this. There were just so many things that you seem to overlook when it came to your sister being in office. You were blaming other council members for the same type of things your sister was doing. If I had a sister, I would defend her to the core as well. That’s what sisters do for eachother. But we all do wrong things in our lives, even your sister. You are a good sister, Leslie. I would hope my family would do that for me.

You stated that you thought I was against change. I am not. In fact I think there needs to be change. I hope that the rest of Tribal Council is reading this as well. There has been wrong doing in the past, not just by council but by many. Let’s make a change. Here is our chance to start new. Let go of those old family grudges you may hold, let go of the animosity. Help us tribal members to succeed. Be proud of us when we do succeed. Don’t hate on someone else’s success.

Not everyone likes the ideas of Badger, Mamie, Leslie, or even Tracy, but at least hear them. Listen to others. You might learn something. Maybe someone else has a good idea. We have so many untapped resources within our Tribal membership it’s a shame to see that go to waste just because “so and so don’t like so and so, so don’t listen to them” types of attitudes. In fact, I don’t agree with a lot of what Leslie says, but I do think an accountability plan is a good idea. But I don’t agree with the types of cuts she wants to present.

Tribal leadership has spoken for so long that we want to self-govern. Here is your chance. Put Indian people in the management employment positions. We are strong and smart people. Give us a chance!! Quit letting the Rick’s, Heather’s and Jim’s of the tribal employment run all over us.

We the tribal membership and the tribal employees will support you, if you take care of us. Your tribal employees are the ones who make the PBPN what it truly is. We make the reservation run. We do the ground work.

Yes there is work to be done is DC, Illinois, or where ever, but don’t forget about us here at home.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

Good for you Jane and Rez Indian. I echo your sentiments and words of truth..

I think it's disgusting that Tracy would lean on the senior citizens saying she helped the elderly. How by taking away that little bit of help the tribe did for them by fixing little things in there houses for free??? She stopped that and now the seniors have to pay 18 dollars and hour to get those things done. With them on a limited income where is the compassion. Also what about the wood the tribe used to get for the elderly...has she stopped that too.

After buying our own land back for over 8 million dollars I heard the tribal employees saying the tribal council says we are 9 million short this year. So whats the answer...surely not to take those humanitian benefits away from the elderly or the tribe.

With the Indian Tribes sovereignty being under fire already from the outside...Tracy comes along and makes a statement to the press in Illinois that we would give up our rights in the remaining land if they allowed the tribe to do gaming on the land. She was never tribal leadership material if she believes that sovereignty is a trivial thing. Only white people think that. Leslie said, she said it was a ploy. That's another white man word for lying.

I blame the Tribal Council equally for appointing someone that has no experience what so ever...only because she told them in a California meeting that she thought the tribal council was doing a great job. Shows she isn't connect with the reservation if she thinks that. Must have been nice having the Tribal Treasurer for a cousin.

Tracy talked about someone being unprofessional when they didn't show up for some meeting. What about when she invited myself and Mamie to lunch in Topeka. I showed up and waited a couple of hours...nobody showed. She did have her assitant call the resturant and say she wouldn't be coming and had her assistant drive all the way down to pay for a meal if I wanted to eat. How unprofessional is that. Then she had the nerve to have her assistant call me back this past month and ask to have lunch with me again. What...we never had the first one. After the assitant hemed and hawed about a date I just said you know...I did this before and she didn't show. Tell her she doesn't have to buy me lunch to talk to me...just call me on the phone if has something to tell me or ask me. The assitant said they would call me back later. No call to this day. I never expected one anyway judging from her past performance.

As one blogger so aptly put it...Good Ridance!!!



Jane, Rez girl, George, your comments are filled with hate and jealousy. Unfortunately, that is why our tribe never moves forward, you attack our leadership because of your petty selfishness. Until people like you are stopped or learn the values of our elders, we will always have this small group of people who undermine our progress.
Our tribe will never progress until we make changes and respect the leaders we elect.
I did visit the rez and attend the general council meeting and spoke to many tribal members, none of whom were pleased with the Chair's resignation. Most members blamed Badger and Mamie, people like you who perpetuate hate and of course the tribal council.


Leslie, regarding my written post, I am sorry if you felt that I came across as being either jealous or hateful toward our council members. If you would reread the post, I stated that council had my support if they chose to take care of their people. And I stand by that statement. You on the other hand, stated in your current and previous posts, “How do we get rid of Rey, Ryan, Junior and Nabby?”, “we should be outraged that they deem themselves better than us and think they have the power to tell the Chairperson she is not to be "Listened" to? Taking our tribal money for their benefit?”.

These are your words Leslie. Now who is the one not supporting our tribal leadership? You were wanting to know how to get rid of them. Yet, out of the left side of your mouth you say, “Our tribe will never progress until we make changes and respect the leaders we elect.” You also spoke of them taking our tribal money for their benefit. Its okay for Tracy to get the food she wants when she was in council but it isn’t okay for anyone else. I see how it is. When it comes to you sticking up for your sister, as well as attacking others on council, that is the pot calling the kettle black. In my opinion it’s not right, no matter who is in council. Let’s just leave it at that.

Also, not in my life have I ever heard from an elder of this tribe tell me to put my self above others the way that Tracy did. She took parking from the elderly, disabled, and veterans at both the casino and government center. Thank goodness for the pow wow committee denying her request to do the same during the pow wow.

A good leader will put his/her people first. A good leader will eat last in line or starve so their people will be fed.

Just so everyone knows, I am not anti-tribal council, anti-Tracy, anti-Badger, anti-Mamie, anti-George, or anti-Leslie. I am truly pro-unity of our people. I think we need to move forward.

In no way did I come across as being selfish. I would hope the readers agree with me on that one.

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