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July 22, 2007


George L Wahquahboshkuk

Joe, that was a very interesting personal and political view of the General Council Meeting, in your report. Was it just to give everyone your point of view...was there a question because you brought up the Tribal Council, Badger, Mamie and their group, even mentioning "maybe even an investigation into their corruption...". Then, some personal issues with Badger and family, concluding in comments on the Ortiz's taking over the casino.

First of all, I get along with Badger and Mamie even if I don't run in the same crowds they do. I never attended any of their gatherings, but am very sympathic to a lot of the issues they discussed. At least they were trying to do something constructive in helping to stop a run away tribal council...the chairwoman happens to be the first one on the list.

I'll skip the personal comments.

Not to be argumentative but it seems a lot of talk and no actions taken seriously. I can remember a time back when it wasn't that way. Back when I was the chairman...the General Council's voice was the, "WORD". That got turned around after I left, you can check your historical accounts to see who served then...and is responsible. The tribal council started playing with the wording of the constitution, amending it to be able to not take the general council seriously. The General Council still have their inherent rights. If they want to call for an investigation of the tribal government they could pass majority vote on a Proclaimation to the United States Attorney calling for a Grand Jury Investigation into the tribal council's so-called corruption. Take itr to the Horton Agency wlong with a letter with the vote and proceedings: requesting them to present it to the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney on behalf of the Prairie Band Potawatomi people.

Regarding the Ortiz's taking over the casino...what is the accusation here??? Did we not want our own tribal members in the casino, to be able to run our own casino, without outside help someday??? We wanted our people to be in the management structure learning to be able to do that.

Didn't you have any suggestions, or did you just get on here to show your anger at a few people and make innuenndos. Instead of helping the situation you seem to be throwing more wood on the fire.

Have a nice day, Joe! :-)

George L Wahquahboshkuk


George, I'm just writing what I'm seeing and hearing... as for suggestions,you have the right idea about investigating the tribal council. Maybe we don't need a tribal council, if they keep driving out the chairperson and wasting our money. Maybe we should just have a tribal chief.
If you don't like my comments oh well that's your opinion, I'm just writing about what I see and hear, take it or leave it. I didn't know I had to solve all the tribe's problems too.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

You didn't solve anything, so why would you be expected to solve all the tribe's problems. You're just adding to them.

By the way, someone told me you're the Joe married to Leslie Morgan, sister of Tracy Stanhoff. Is that true???

Certainly would explain a lot of the info coming out of your corner there, that only Tracy S would know...concerning the tribal council actions as of late.

It appears the tribal council is trying desperately to distance themselves from Tracy in an effort to save themselves. It would also appear that the tribal council's big appoint Tracy and hold power has fallen through and is a miserable failure. Another one bites the dust!

Thank you!



Say it ain't so, Joe, your not tracys mouthpiece, are you?


Don't worry Bradley, I'm nobody's mouthpiece. I'm just a good listener, its amazing what you might hear in the halls of the government center or at powwows. Hey, I wish I was Leslie's husband, she's hot, did you see her at the meeting?
I tried to post this yesterday, guess the Giants in SF got me!

George L Wahquahboshkuk

Isn't internet blogging great Joe! One can be whomever they wish to be or deny everything. Plausible deniability! I am pretty sure you signed off as Joe Morgan earlier on in the recall lies blogging.



George, your blogging reveals what everyone says about you, that you are crazy and people wish you would just go away.

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