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June 13, 2007



I thought George was done (that's what he said before)let our votes against the recall speak for themselves.


Yeah! I was hoping he was done! See you all at the recall vote, I'm voting no.... sick of these people like george, badger, Mamie heard they didn't even have enough votes on the petition. Anyone hear anything about that?

George L Wahquahboshkuk

Yeah...George is done with your "Recall Lies".

That's missed me. LOL

Mark my words!!! It's people like you, Tracy, Ryan and Rey that will eventually take this tribe down. Then, you'll move on to your whiteman world and live as white people in the main stream...with your fat bank accounts. You have been assimilated. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Our past away relatives have fought and died for this tribe, to be the the sovereign tribe it is today that you enjoy, through cashing your per capita checks and probably paid for your college education.

What has Tracy accomplished? Shutting down bingo! Making more people jobless! Buying lands that already belonged to us...(price tag over 8 million dollars)! Reducing your per capita checks! Making seniors pay 18 dollars an hour to have simple home repairs done that the Tribal Maintinence used to do for free! Then, successfully causing a split in the tribe between those that have moved on into the white main stream and those of us that call the reservation home and are proud to be Potawatomi.

Don't worry about the petition with 351 signature...41 to have minor addresses, dates and time, but rest assured...the recall is going to happen.

GOD help the Prairie Band Potawatomi if she wiggles out of this recall.

George L Wahquahboshkuk


Boy George, you better get a grip, looks like you are losing it.


wow, do we get it now, jealous people.... hey talk about making money off the PBPN I couldn't afford to buy those meat pies badger's sister, Velma was selling from her chair at the powwow, guess she didn't want to support the tribe by buying a booth like everyone else. talk about greedy, carpetbaggers!!! badger claims he makes a quarter million dollars a year, couldn't he help her out?

George L Wahquahboshkuk

That's all you got!!! Attacking innocent people that aren't being recalled, and are only trying to make ends meet. All you can do is put people down that are trying to make a living and have done nothing wrong to the tribe.

Maybe you should be more concerned about those T/C carpetbaggers that lowered the per cap and went home laughing with their big money they got for doing nothing but screw the tribe up and be unavailable.

You guys showing your colors by being the jealous ones. Sound more like childish jellybeans!!!

George L Wahquahboshkuk


hey, george get over yourself, the recall is over, no one is paying any attention to you any more. all the things you brought up were covered in the recall lies article. however if there any people still trying to get their names off the petition go to the tribal center and see voncile.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

If it's over for you...why don't you just move on then and get a life. Come back when you grow up.

Why did you sign it anyway if you feel that way. Were you just lying like Tracy.


I'll tell you it's pretty sad that a lot of those signatures were fabricated. In the whole scheme of things I'm not surprised by this rift in political agendas. On one side you have a group claiming to be "real Indians" who represent the reservation population. In reality, these people are holding their tribe back by trying to unravel the system from the top down. For the tribe to flourish and prosper, the tribe needs an experienced and proven leader in advocating Natives in a white world. To think that we can survive by isolating ourselves will delay our sovereign status indefinitely.
On the other side, you have people pushing forward towards this status by getting the tribe recognized as an entrepreneurial force, something that few tribes have actually accomplished. Congrats to the tribe on taking over full control of the casino, and if there is a recall election I think we all know Tracy will come out on top and continue to do great things for her tribe.


Nice post, Nathan. Nice to see we have such articulate people in our tribal membership. We agree that the recall was a fraud and now we are going to focus on the unethical behavior of the councilmembers, Ryan, Rey, Nabby and Junior. Their behavior will lead our tribe into a legal disaster.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

We don't agrtee that the petition was a fraud.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. The deadline for those corrections is the 5th of July. Even without the 41 signatures to be minorly adjusted...the petition still has enough sighnatures to take out that woman you think is doing good for the tribe. Is the tribe still paying for her room and board at the Casino Hotel? Why can't she get an apartment or something with all the money she's taking from the tribe?

For the tribe to fourish and prosper the Tribal Council has to get back to why they are in office to do for the people, not to them.

You talked about Ryan and Rey, being a disaster for the forgot to include the head of that snake...Tracy!!!


the people on the tribal counsel are only there to make money they dont deserve and screw the rest of the tribal members. they need to get there heads out of there butts. they need to stop acting like greeding white people and try to remember where they came from

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