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June 25, 2007


Rez guy

This is horrible conduct for our leaders. No respect for our people or Tracy. Badger should get rid of all them council people for their work habits and send their sexretarys packing too.


I'm shocked! It's true then what we hear about these Tribal Councilmembers mis-using their authority. As a tribe we should be outraged that they deem themselves better than us and think they have the power to tell the Chairperson she is not to be "Listened" to? Taking our tribal money for their benefit? And what is Rey doing up there in OUR government house? Disgraceful. How do we get rid of Rey, Ryan, Junior and Nabby?


That's ridiculous. First external, now internal corruption? There has to be a way that the council can oust corrupt members who are misusing government funds for their own recreation. First of all, it's stealing. Second of all, they're hurting their own tribe that put them in office to serve, not steal from them. Hopefully Tracy will be able to deal with these bad apples in a diplomatic yet justified manner.


What is interesting is that Badger, George, Mami, Rencie and their recall group are not outraged with the conduct of Ryan, Rey, Junior and Nabby. Were they part of the recall petition effort and now that we have caught these guys in their corruption they have to stay silent. Where is the anger towards Ryan, Rey, Junior and Nabby, that they showed to Chairperson Tracy, who has been proven to have done nothing wrong but help the PBPN? I guess we are seeing the true colors of these vicious people, when the recall failed they are trying a different tactic. Why don't they call for the resignation of Ryan, Rey, Junior and Nabby? Why because they are cohorts in corruption!

Rez guy

I agree with Milli, get rid of those four, too. Tracy did say she was going to straighten out those guys and make them work and that hasn't happened. So she's not altogether rigtht either. They and their sexretaries come and go as they please and it's alright. What about that Badger, do something about those lazy dogs, too. It's corruption like Milli said - getting paid for not working.

Mac McIntyre

Leadership includes the ability to bring unity or at least consensus at crucial times. I don't know how more critical times can get in lieu of Kansas gambling expansion and the unfinished business in Illinois. The opportunity to set the bar, as a destination casino, so high that no state-owned operation can compete is now, and such opportunity does not wait while disputes are worked out. May unity grow rapidly so that focus can be restored.

Rez Girl

"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

Eleanor Roosevelt
US diplomat & reformer (1884 - 1962)


Mac is right, however if the council ties Chairperson Tracy's hands how can she work? She has brought us this far, a casino transition and a Shabe-eh-nay deal that will increase our revenue, yet the lazy Tribal Council won't support her? Ryan, Rey, Nabby and Junior should resign so the PBPN can be successful! Mac is right too, gambling expansion is going to make our future uncertain. We need someone like Tracy, with business sense to lead us through this difficult time.


Yes, we all need to work together to protect the tribe, we don't need people like those councilpeople.


It sounds like an investigation needs to be done on the spending habits of rey, junior, nabby and dyer. What about that Badger.


Thanks Rez Girl for that timely reminder!!!

I find it hilarious that Tracy's most outspoken advocates would turn around and point their fingers at someone else shouting "recall" without a shred of evidence of wrong-doing. More heresay, rumors, innuendo and he-said-she-said.

Damn these people are easy...don't have to do anything but whisper in their ear and their that lynch mob off of Shrek just like some other group I know of. Now that their candidate is out of the hot water they're quick to try to re-focus all of that negativity on other elected officials that were elected just as legally and per the Constitution and By-Laws as Ms. Stanhoff.

My mama always told me "Treat people how you want to be treated cause it won't always come back on you but might come back on someone you love."


bb, guess you don't care how our tribal money is wasted. The evidence of wrong-doing is out there for everyone to see, just ask Rey, Ryan, Nabbie and Junior.


Once again people are running around telling everyone they get to go to Shab-eh-nay on the tribe's money. We even get to pay their family's per diems, which includes a two year old child. Guess who ok'd this, your financial director Ryan and Councilperson Rey. When do we get to use the house for our family vacation? Can we get per diems too?
Hey, we know badger and mamie are drooling all over this unrest, but noooooo way are you people getting back into our tribal government.

Debra Mahkuk

I am enrolled, The only thing I want to comment on is that everyone who signed the recall petition on Ms. Stanhoff, are adults and know what they are doing. I never voted for her so I am not about to defend her. I have nothing to say either way, but I have noticed that we get less per capita, after we voted to give ourselves more. But I will dutifully thank the council for allowing us per capita. I have nothing against Badger, Mamie, or Rey. They're alright and have always been friendly and treated me like a person. I am saying to them right know if this gets posted, "Thanks!"


Well, say thanks for nothing, because increases in per capita will cost us tribal services. And with the passage of Kansas gambling expansions, look forward to even smaller per capitas. Yeah, thanks to Badger (brags about having an income of $250,000 a year) and his recall bunch, they created turmoil and upheaval in our tribal government. I say thanks for nothing to him and his bunch!!!


Just so you know. Tribal Council has nothing to do with our per capita payments. It was general council that has brought that about. Not Tracy, Rey, Ryan, Jim, Jackie, Junior,or Nabby. Council is only doing the job that we pay them for, by sending out the checks. They haven't done anything special. They haven't "allowed" us anything.

I agree with Joe. The increase in per capita will only lessen the services the tribe currently offers.

Doubt it will lessen the amounts of lunches that are charged on TC and their secretaries p-cards though. They will take away from other programs and other needs before they take from their own.


And guess who was the only councilmember not at the casino transition ceremony? Ryan, but what a coincidence Rey was there. Who's fooling who? Rey got the best of Ryan on that one. What is Rey up to Badger?


You are right Joe. Rey is a sneaky guy who spends the tribes money a bunch in his shbbona trips. The council is the problem not Tracy.

Amber Malone

My family and I have nothing but good things to say about Rey. He has helped us numerous times. We live in Wisconsin. At least twice that I know of, Rey has traveled to Wisconsin to attend the funerals for area elders. My grandmother needed help with her Lifeline, I got nowhere until I called Rey. As soon as I called him, within an hour the Lifeline was being set up for my grandmother. When there is a meeting in Wisconsin, (the Tribal Council makes sure they hold a yearly meeting in Wisconsin) Rey, and most of the other Council members have always been in attendance. And just how can per diem be paid to an entire family. Unless there is verifiable proof, I really doubt that. The financial records are audited,in accordance with NIGRA regulations.

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