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June 14, 2007


Sandra Bodah

Your absolutely right. It's a shame that this is 2007 and people of America still do not take notice of Indigenous peoples of this land. Now if this were an incident in the lower urban areas or the anything else to do with a non-native indivudal, Odds are it may end up to be closer to the front page or on the front page. Reasons for this would be anywhere from, oppression, supression, discrimination, rascism, injustice, profiling, harassment, targeting, financial, media gain, and personal exposure, ignorance and failure to assimilate.
Anyone of this can be twisted and turned and dragged out for the sole purpose of attention or recognition or finger pointing. But let it be on a reservation or a known Native neighborhood or area most frequented by Natives, and the news becomes some filler in the middle of the paper. I've seen one to many times.

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