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May 25, 2007


Dan Morgan

Great points you brought up there. It seems ridiculous that the recall needs only 350 signatures, and then absentee members must actually show up at the tribal meeting to cast their vote in the recall. Didn't they already vote to keep Tracy in for a FOUR year term? Why must they re-vote to keep them in office because of 350 signatures? Like Larry said in an earlier post, do 350 people's votes matter more than 1000 people's votes? Are absentee members 2nd class citizens?


Yes, now I am finding out the truth. I was one of those who signed the petition. I thought and I was told by Rencie and Tuttie that i was signing a petiton for a per capita increase. wow, now what do I do? I liek the way the tribe is going with Chairperson's leadership. I asked Badger and he said any one who feels they were mistaken about the petiton should go to voncile in the tribal center and tell her. I feel really bad.

corn maiden

Hey, I heard about this recall election and I live off the rez. I'm disabled and not able to get there to vote we should protest about this. i'm against it.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

First Of all, I never said the Tribal Newspaper was a conspiracy to undermine and destroy the tribe. Those are your words! The Tribal Newspaper (if it were free press) would be a vital element to a true democracy of this tribe, to tell the people the truths. Reporting on action of the Tribal Council that reflect on the Tribe...good or bad!

There will always be rumors and stories from the oppostiton of wrong doings concerning the collection of signatures on a petition. He said, she said!

As far as the land purchase in Illinois...I didn't say we gave up our sovereign rights because we bought the little parcel. Tracy made a statement to the local paper there, that we would give up our rights to the remaining lands outside of the purchased lands. I said, she had no right to make those concession without the consent of the people. Read the Priaire Band Potawatomi Tribal Constitution before you go off making unfounded statements to protect your idle.

Article V - Enumerated Powers of the Tribal Council..Sec 1 Para (c) To prevent any sale, lease, disposition or encumbrance of Tribal Land, funds, or assets without the consent of the tribe;

Regarding the casino transition...we will not see what damage was caused by not having the Tribal Councils total focus to assure that it will work. Time will tell!

In as much as the Recall is a tool for the people to use, the details laid out for that process are stated in the Tribal Constitution. You say 300 people can't represent the tribe. It's Tribal Constitutional law. It doesn't say any charges have to be filed, stated or proven...just verify the signatures, set a date for the Recall Meeting and a vote. Want it changed...then change the constitution.

As far as Badger, Mamie and George leading the better get your facts straight...Tracy is the one leading the tribe...down that dangerous path as you called it. AND...we concerned members don't want to blindly follow her to some have choosen to do.

With your ranting that the sky is falling, get a grip. The tribe will not cease to function when a Chairman or a council person is recalled. The system is set up for that, if it's in the first half of their term then we have another election and if it's during the second half then the Tribal Council appoints.

Then, lastly you ask, what can be done to stop the recall? It a simple answer! Tracy Stanhoff can just resign!!!!

One more thing...It's a curiousity. Those Bingo Employees that lost their jobs when the Bingo was shut down. Did most of those members sign that first petition to recall Tracy Stanhoff? Could this be a mass reprisal for them signing the petition?

Same with the recent comments by Joyce Guerrero on this blog, wondering if the attacks on the membership of her grandson are reprisal actions, taking the form of denying membership to a child that was already designated as a PBP Tribal Member.

Thank you Larry for providing this forum to voice our comments and concerns.


George Wahquahboshkuk


This recall is a joke instigated by jealousy and hatred. Unfortunately, the tribe is the one suffering the consiquences. It's rediculouse to spend the money for this recall because 3 members are unhappy about losing. In the first place, I feel that 2 of them should not have been able to run as they were 'recalled' or asked to resign because of unethical actions while they were in the poisition. I feel 'anyone' who has been recalled should be banned from running again. George is just jealoue because he lost to a member who has not been on the reservation all her life. Not being on the reservation all her life does not mean she cannot lead the people. Obviously, most of those now living on the reservation thought she was the better choice also, as she won by a large margin. Her business experience is a reason for voting for her. What has Geoge done for the tribe?
Tracy has nothing to do with Joyce's grandson being 'dis-enrolled'. That seems to be a family thing and began before Tracy got there. It's raining that Tracy's fault too?

George L Wahquahboshkuk

Jealous! No, hardly anything for me to be jealous of of her about. I am disappointed at what the tribal government has done to the reservation. You may not care becasue you live off the reservation and don't understand the issues people have to deal with here.

Hatred! None coming from me toward you or Tracy. To me, You are someone exercising her freedom of speech. I don't even know why or how can I hate you or Tracy. I detest the fact that she was appointed with no knowledge of running a tribe only her business. Do we know anything about how she has run her business? Main thing is...the tribe is not a business corporation, and we aren't to be treated as stockholders in a company. We are Indian people with rights in this tribe of Indian people, with real people needs. Then...Lo and Behold! What do you know...this person that has no knowledge of running a tribe...she wins the chair position. Hmmm! Something smells with that.

You talk of recalls...mine was a plan to vote me out with a recall so someone else could be appointed. I did nothing worng, no illegal goings on, no criminal charges. One comment stands out more...that a social worker had to wait 15 mintues, while I was using the bathroom. I've waited 5 hours in the Topeka court. But, the bottom line...the vote wasn't in my favor by about 4 or 5 votes and I honored those peoples right to vote me out and walked out gracefully.

No one knows what I went through to serve those years as chair. Let me relate one...In 1985 when I won the elction the tribal council wasn't very happy because I beat the other candidate they wanted. I had no job but everyone else on the council was being paid. I had to get on welfare and the tribal council made no effort to secure funding for me. There was 22,000 dollars sitting there waiting for this other candidate had she won. That money was divided between Education and ANA Programs. I was left on welfare with my wife and five children. But I made it and didn't cry about it. I now tell you this to let you and others know what sacrifices I made to serve as the chairman. I still say to this day, "I was very honored and proud to have served those 11 of 12 years on Tribal Council as Chairman."

When all you can do is call me jealous and say I are only in here name calling. Like a child. I'm done explaining to you, when you have nothing of substance to express.


You're done explaining? Thank God!


George was voted out of office? And he now wants to recall more chairpeople? Didn't he learn his lesson the first time. The tone of his comments are full of hatred.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

So, childish! I expected nothing less from you. Shows your intelligence. Now go change your pamper.


George? Hey i thought you were done. bummer!

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