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May 31, 2007


Nathan Reineke

I feel bad about signing the recall petition. It is very clear to me now that George and Badger are trying to take control by ousting the only leader we've had that is actually pushing forward for our tribe. The only way these criminals can do it is the best way they know how: with lies and manipulation. The truth has shown itself.


Right on man, truth always comes out. Our tribe is moving forward...lets all be there at the recall election meeting, to show our support for Chairperson Stanhoff.

George L Wahquahboshkuk

With the Bingo losing money, the thought never occured to them to improve some things rather than shut it down and put all those people that worked for a living out of the income to feed their families and pay bills. Easy to say for people that don't deal with living on the reservation and making a living for a family.

So, I guess then when the tribe takes over the casino if it loses money it will be shut down...right. According to the reasons stated.

Trying to control the tribe...HA! Don't make me laugh cause it not a laughing matter. I let be known I have no more interest in running for any political office in the PBP elections. Also Badge has also let it be known that he isn't interested in running either. Control of the tribe has already been lost to those that haven't grown up with the tribal teachings, that instills the respect for our elders and seeing to the people's needs, without squeezing money out of them for it. Outsiders! Carpetbaggers as it was put by another person. Those that come in here to make money for themselves and to hell with the reservation people.

I still say the tribe isn't a corporation. The Prairie Band Potawatomi is a nation of people, with people needs. Tribes do have corporations that deals with the business of revenue making for the tribe. Other tribe's corporation officers are voted in by the people, but us...the officers are to be choosen by the Chairman and T/C.

Letters to the editor are censored out so the people reading it can't read it certain things. My letter that was cenosored displayed no foul language or calling anyone names. It was in a question the people. Of course I did state some things about the Tribal Newspaper (and I use the term very loosely) when it censors things out at the prompting of the tribal's a concern.

So now you're saying the Chairperson lied to the white people in Illinois as a ploy. Is that her tactic to get what she wants? Then maybe she has been doing the same to membership of the PBP.

Lets get on with the recall and let the chips fall where they may.

Very Sincerely,
George Wahquahboshkuk

O Pechanga

I came to this blog looking to spread the word about what has happened to my family, from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

I've been looking through the blog here about the recall. I didn't realize when I came here, that I KNEW Tracy.

She, from my dealings with her through the Native American Chamber of Commerce is an honest woman, straightforward and someone whom I trust. She is also friends with my cousin. This is such a small world. I found out TODAY, from one who I am working with on our situation that Tracy was from your band.

Were I a Potowatomi...Tracy would have my full support.

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