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May 22, 2007


Leslie Morgan

This recall petition is an attack on our very existance as a tribe. What a shame these few individuals have brought to our people. We will forgive you Mamie, Badger and George but now you must forgive yourselves for causing this travesty, this divisiveness. Thanks to our Council and Chairperson for continuing to fight for us and bring good things to everyone in the tribe. Thanks Mr Mitchell for posting the Chairperson's letter and allowing us to comment.

Allison Hicks

I would like to add my support to our Chairwoman. She is doing a difficult job extremely well. I will be there to vote against this recall- I urge all tribal members to support her as well.


Our Chairwoman was brought in during a difficult time and it continues to be a challenge not only for Tracy but to the rest of Tribal Council.
It is nice to see things moving rather than having everything at a standstill.
Tribes throughout the Nation look to us for setting examples for them to follow. I hope they do not follow us in this issue.
Tracy is a very caring person and holds the Nations interest with the utmost respect. It is nice to see her at events througout the community. Tracy will take time to greet everyone she always has a "Hello" or "how are you doing" this may not mean anything to some people, but to that one person who Tracy had taken the time to say "hello" or "how are you doing" it means a lot.

Leslie Morgan

Micki is right, our tribe has been at a standstill and now we have so much to look forward to with the Shabbona land and Harrah transfer. It is a shame that a few will try to hurt all of us.

Thomas M. Wabnum

A recall petition is our constitutional tribal right.

If validated, a group of 351 met legal requirements for a recall meeting. There probably should be more but tribal employees have fear of retaliation if they signed the petition. Tribal members should not fear their own government, ever.

It is understandable that a political activities letter be presented to employees upon their orientation but at the time of recall petition activity seems a little intimidating. Only one recall petition representative is required but to name others is not. It’s a good reminder that political activity should not occur during working hours.

The federal government has the same policy under the Hatch Act whose main provision is to prohibit federal employees (civil servants) from engaging in partisan political activity during working hours.

Then on March 2, 2007 the Tribal Council approved Section 4-13-1. Tortious Interference with a Business or Governmental Relationship. I wonder if each of the 351 petition signers might have to pay $10,000.00 fine, attorney fees and costs. It may not be interpreted by Court that way but it does instill fear in me to actively participate in my government according to our Constitution. I wonder how many others feel that way?

Our tribal government was never meant to have one person in charge of all things. So why is there talk about a sole negotiator conducting our business? Soon our business ventures become personal decisions and set precedent for the way we are suppose to be governed. One bad business deal can personally be blamed on one person and not the whole elected. One good business deal may be just as dangerous believing that one person is our savior that we couldn’t live without.

A few people are constantly being named that leads the group. They are former tribal council persons who live on the reservation, have close connection, birthright to care for the land and a heart for our people. There is no glory intended, no long list of titles, no awards, no t.v. cameras or interviews desired. There is a deep personal commitment to honor and cherish the elders and our ways of living versus bad business deals that endanger our programs. In between is a lifestyle that costs money and when do we say it is enough or we need more. This lifestyle is now caught up between on and off reservation voters. A problem we never had to deal with before the breakup of our homelands.

We are still looking for tribal leadership. Have we designed internal hate for each other or have family feuds (a bitter, often prolonged quarrel or state of enmity, especially such a state of hostilities between two families or clans) that make it unobtainable from within our own local people? Most decisions are not personal and should not be but made to improve our homelands and lifestyle. If something goes wrong then lets fix our outdated Constitution. Let’s amend it, band together and be the Prairie Band Potawatomi that have survived for many years under the attack of termination.

In sum, a recall is a check and balance measure. Mostly likely the recall signers are the ones closer to home than the many voters that made the difference in the last election.

Thomas M. Wabnum

Leslie Morgan

Yes, but according to the constitution, recall is reserved for criminal offenses, of which none exist with our Chairperson. If we don't like the results of an election and immediately turn to recall as a remedy to losing then what is the purpose of an election? Sour grapes never holds up in a court of law and those leading the recall charge will face the legal consequences. If one does not like the direction the tribe is headed then run for election and see if you can do a better job. Don't endanger the very existance of our tribe with personal problems or grudges. The continued upheaval of our council members and chairperson will lead the federal government to terminate our rights as a tribe. I will wonder what these recallers will have to say once this happens, who will they blame then?

George L Wahquahboshkuk

Yes, I did send Tracy a letter to say, sorry she was treated so a few words, that she should have been given a chance without being totally condemned at the start. To start off with at your wlecome stated you were honored to serve at the pleasure of the Tribal Council. A Chairperson serves at the pleasure of the people.

We have seen what she did with that chance. Showing her lack of knowledge with regards to our rights as an Indian Nation. With no backgound in leading a tribe and never having lived on the Potawatomi reservation, has no clue as to what the people need. Tracy has shown she doesn't hold that same respect for the elders as an Indian raised on good Potawatomi elders teachings. When the seniors are not given a little free help in making home repairs and such, but instead are told they would have to pay 18 dollars an hour to get it done.

By giving away our soverignty in a bid to get gambling in Illinois, doesn't show good leadership to me. Why did we pay 8 million for lands that belonged to us. It was just a matter of taking it through it's proper route...Court of Claims. We would have gotten all the Shab be nay acreage instead of paying 8 million for that small parcel, then make a statement that we would give up our rights on the rest of the property.

Nothing in the PBP Tribal Constitution gives the Chairperson the right to make those kinds of concessions without the consent of the people.

When we should have all our efforts here, to make this casino transition work to our good, the council is off in Illinois trying to make other deals and get in the paper. Like they have no priorities.

Don't even blame the people that speak up when wrongs are done. It's those misguided souls that she is hiding behind, hoping to make us feel guilty for something we believe is right and just...speaking up for the people and the freedom of speech. Don't let your voices be silenced.

Supposedly we went to war so we could keep those rights. So, let's bring your voices and votes to the Recall meeting and lets get the tribe back on track.

Instead of listening to rumors and heresay...our Tribal newspaper should be out from under the scrutiny of the Tribal Council and be allowed to print the truth in government and our tribal leaders dealings. The people need to know the truths, to make a more informed choice when they vote for those in office. Or is the Tribal government afraid to allow the truth to be told here to the people. Keep us in the dark and feed us what news you want us to hear. That's how dictors operate.

The recall is just a tool for the people to use when a tribal leader is getting out of hand and taking the tribe down. In the present day there is not just one leader that is taking this tribe down.

We have to keep pushing forward people, for our rights...cause no one else will.


Leslie Morgan

The truth will be revealed about the manner in which you gathered those signatures, it is shameful.
I hope you have access to good legal counsel.

Clarrita Stevenson

Oh yes, times have not changed...the bickering amongst tribal members. Resolve will never be attained because there is always someone who brews up trouble. Confirms my reason for moving away from home. Saddened to learn troubles abound the tribal community.


very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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