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March 06, 2007


Seven Star Hand

Hello all,

It is very interesting that Bush and Cheney always act as if they are totally unrelated to the many problems created by them and during their time in office. Besides being the heads of the executive branch, Cheney is still fused at the hip to Halliburton, which is also related to many of these debacles. I'm still waiting to hear from these duplicitous scoundrels that Walter Reed was really Bill Clinton's or Jimmy Carter's fault.

How much more evidence is necessary before more people discern that the "support the troops" mantra is a purposeful deception? These soldiers are cannon fodder for corporate profits and geopolitical gain. They have been deceived into fighting a war and others have been deceived into thinking that leaders of the political right are actually sincere in their assertions about war and the troops. People who tout so-called Christian values while beating the drums of war either can't discern good from evil or are actively being deceptive.

War is evil, pure and simple. The only humane way to "support the troops" is by ending all wars and establishing true and just solutions to human needs.

Here is Wisdom !!

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