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March 09, 2007



A true american hero we wil always remember and be thankful. Rest in piece brother. USMC vet.


Its sad that his sons had to find out about his passing on the news four days after his passing.

Larry Elliott

I knew Mr. Walkabout from U.S.Grant High School. I met him through 1 of his sisters that I was dating @ the time. I am 2 years younger than Billy, class of '69. But, I do remember him, & the "awe", respect, & admiration that I had about him, even back then. He was a warrior. I remember seeing him at the Grant hang-out at 59th & Western (can't remember the name) when he came back on leave in his uniform, I was so impressed & awstruck by his appearance that I didn't even go up to say hi even though I was dating one of his sisters @ the time & had been to his home. I did enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps after graduation. I hope that this e-mail gets to Billy's family & Autumn Rain Eyes, I would truly like to thank you for all that Mr. Walkabout did for our country & I am "VERY" Proud I can say I met & knew Billy Walkabout & had the honor & privllege of knowing him & his family. Please write back. Semper Fi, Larry Elliott

Karthe Wainwright

We notified his sister of his passing last night, after hearing about Billy's passing on the news. My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace now.

Roy Baumann

I didn't know Mr. Walkabout, but reading his story made me very sad. He was and is a true American Hero who served his country with honor. My condolences to his family also and I will tell his story to everyone I know. Rest in peace, Billy, your long journey is over but not forgotten. A Vietnam Veteran and fellow soldier.

Thomas Byrd

I'm a U.S. Air Force vet and I pose these questions to our president Mr. Bush.
Why not nominate Billy Walkabout for the Medal Of Honor??
And why must his family request burial at Arlington??

Charles Mansell

I served with the 3rd Marine Division in I corps during 1969-1970.I was lucky. I admire people like Billy Walkabout and extend my thanks and condolences.

John Ahearn

Billy Walkabouts actions in Vietnam should ensure his place of honor at Arlington, surely his family's request that he be buried there is just a formality and will be accepted without hesitation. Thank you Billy for your heroic sacrifices that you made for our Country!

Rayma Patterson

I, too, attended U.S. Grant High School in Oklahoma City, but was Class of 1970.

It was a pleasure passing him in the hallways between classes as he always carried himself with honor as a warrior, and yet, his good humor and fun loving spirit were a joy to witness.

To Billy's family, please know you will remain in my prayers and heart. May God bless you with peace.

To Billy, you lived your life in honor fitting of a warrior. My heart breaks knowing of your passing, but rejoices knowing the deeds of a good and kind man never die, and neither do our souls.

With a broken heart and much love,


Tom Laney

I am very sorry to only learn of Billy through his obituary. Our country must do a better job of presenting our heroes.

We will pass the word about this great Ranger & Paratrooper's passing through our newsletter and say prayers for him at the Native American Memorial in Wisconsin's Highground. We will remember this heroic Airborne Brother In Arms always.

God bless the friends, family, the Airborne and all troops.

All the Way,

Tom Laney, Editor
Badger Airborne News
Badger State Chapter
82nd Airborne Division Association

Daniel Hayenga

I cannot find the words that would begin to be appropriate to describe my sense of loss. Billy's friends and family are in my prayers.

I never knew Sergeant Walkabout personally, however, we served our nation during one of its darkest hours. His wartime deeds chronicle the actions of an absolute warrior who served couragously and selflessly.

Rest in peace Sgt Walkabout, and we know you have many stories to share with your warrior ancestors.

God will give the family the strength and will to rejoice in Billy's life.

Daniel J Hayenga
Chief Master Sergeant (USAF Ret)

Nyna Clymer Fitzhugh

My condolences to Billy's family in this time. I knew Billy when he was here in OKC, OK. I found out of his passing from a blurb on the bottom of the local channel news. Nothing had been on mainstream tv. Today I did finally hear his passing mentioned on 98.9 KYIS Radio and he is to be buried at Arlington Cemetary. My prayers go out to his family as I didn't have the opportunity to know them. Billy my you rest in peace. Nyna


My heart was saddened not only by the passing of a true hero but because so few people knew of his heroism. My prayers go out to his family. Another vet 69

sky soldier

Although I haven't had contact with Walk About for almost 35 years I mourn his passing deeply and would like to offer my humble condolences to all of his family and friends. Sgt. Walkabout, William was an example of the ideal soldier and Ranger. Billy was a man of honor and believed in the Code. I am honored to have met his acquaintance, again my deepest sympathy to Billy's family and loved ones.

Harvey Carlisle

I have read alot about the remakes on the passing of a real hero Sgt Walkabout. I have written several letters to request that Sgt Walkabout's name being placed on the Vietnam War Memorial. I could use all the help I can get to make this happen for his family and Him so that he will always be remembered for what he did. Please help with this write letters to anyone that can help. How can a true hero like Sgt Walkabout be forgotten He needs to be remembered as a Hero that he was. And I read some where that he was nomimated for the Medal of Honor but it was denied to him and the Distinguished Service Medal award to him.

Mark H. Smith

I went to Grant with Warren and Billy Walkabout. I work at Okla. City V.A.Hospital and Billy's wife tried to get ahold of me at V.A.Hospital but I hadn't come in yet. She left her e-mail address but I can't get it to go through. Mrs. Walkabout, if you see this please e-mail me at I am so proud and grateful to have known Warren and Billy--two extremely brave and noble warriors.
Thank you--Mark H. Smith

John Schniedermeier

I have the honor to present Ms Billy Walkabout the Silver Rose for the AGENT ORANGE related sicknesses, I will also present to her the " Warrior Medal of Valor" donated by the " Native American Nations of the United States of America" by Marshall Talleagle. May the Creator take care of Billy our Hero
John Schniedermeier E-6
US Army Ret.

Ronnie Batt

I never had the honor of meeting 2nd Lt. Billy Walkabout. I wished I had. But after reading about this true American Hero and member of the Great Cherokee Nation, I certainly will remember him when I think of the greatest of warriors of the Vietnam War which I, also, am a veteran. After reading Billy's military record on the internet, everyone I showed it to was truly impressed with this Airborne Ranger's brave and heroic service to our country. His dedication to his fellow Rangers demonstrates just how special he was. Personally, I have never seen such a remarkable record. After reading about Billy, everyone had the same question, "Why wasn't this brave young trooper, who fought so gallantly for this country, and his brothers in arms, while seriously wounded and under intense enemy fire, awarded the Medal Of Honor"? If that young man didn't deserve it, then I don't know who does.

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