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March 04, 2007



From the point of view of an outsider like myself the vote doesn't look good at all.

The Local Crank

There is no way this can end well. The anti-Freedmen forces, with their blatantly fraudulent petition drive (noted in Justice Leeds' dissenting opinion in the Cherokee Supreme Court) and ugly racist rhetoric (i.e., "Protect our daughters!") have already caused the federal courts to revoke CN's sovereignty immunity to allow the Freedmen to sue. Now, we face the ugly prospect that the June tribal elections will be thrown out or not recognized by the BIA, the same thing that happened when the Seminole tried this exact same thing a few years back. the end result, regardless of whether or not the Freedmen find justice, will be another body-blow to tribal sovereignty.

John Cornsilk (Cherokee)

Well Folks I do so wish people would bother to learn a little about the Cherokee situation before making dum comments, for instance this impressive 77% vote CRAP, this is pure hype put out by the perpetrators of this Racist CRAP...

The total vote was 8,743, of a population of around 300,000, that is .029 percent of the Cherokee Population.

we have about 45,000 registered to vote, even of the numbere the percentage of voters is only .194% A wee bit less than 77% don't you think, as I said the total vote was 8,743, 6,702 for the measure 2,041 no, of those figures the 77% is pretty close, but that certainly is not representative of the mass either population or registered voter!!

John Cornsilk

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